About Us

About Bio Pharm
“BioPharm, an emerging distribution company in the field of Laboratories essentials, Performance chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Excipients is being managed by professionals – having more than 50 years of experience in sales & marketing and supply chain.

With a core philosophy that emphasize quality & timely Supplies, BioPharm Solutions has always kept its focus towards providing best products through an extensive partnership with the world’s most reputable companies.

In order to provide high quality product assortment, BioPharm is associated with Avantor Inc. & Honeywell Research Chemicals for supply of high purity laboratory chemicals, Filter Paper, Glassware and Pharma Grade chemicals”

Objective of Bio Pharm
At every chance that we have, we aim in offering 100% satisfaction to our clients, simplicity in buying process, flexibility in closing deals & shipping in timely manner.

Our Vision
Provide high quality products through our distribution to satisfy the need of laboratory analysis & pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our Mision
“To become strategic supply partner by offering solutions using products as well as services to our esteem customers by servicing range of Laboratory supplies & Pharma Excipients well in time.

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